Anaesthetics are a cornerstone of modern medicine. Their development has allowed for a lot of treatments to be developed. However, the idea of needing one can be a little daunting. Learning more about the topic can help if you are feeling anxious and give you the tools to feel more in control. Below are some of the basics about anaesthetics which you might want to review before you speak to a consultant in anaesthesia in York.

Types Of Anaesthesia

There are several different types of anaesthetics. The kind you will need depends on the procedure you will be having. If you have certain health conditions or allergies, then this may also affect the type of anaesthetic you receive.

General – A general anaesthetic is used for major operations. It is the type of anaesthetic that puts you to sleep and makes you unaware of what is happening.

Local – A local anaesthetic only numbs an area of your body. You don’t feel any pain, but you remain conscious. There are a few different types of local anaesthetic.

  • Regional – This numbs feelings of pain in a specific region of your body.
  • Epidural – This is a common type of regional anaesthesia. It numbs feeling in the lower half of your body
  • Spinal – This type of anaesthesia is used to give total numbness. It affects the areas of your body below where the injection is made.
  • Sedation -This is a medication that makes you feel sleepy and more relaxed for a procedure. It can be helpful if you are feeling anxious about the process.

Delivery Of Anaesthetics

There are a few ways your doctor can give an anaesthetic. It is either by injection, breathing in a gas, or as a cream, spray or drop.

Finding A Consultant In Anaesthesia In York

If you wish to speak to a consultant in anaesthesia in York, then you can make an appointment to talk to Dr Muhammad Laklouk. He holds clinics around York and Harrogate and can help you understand your options.