Dr Muhammed Laklouk runs York Pain Management. Dr Muhammed is an experienced consultant in anaesthesia and pain management. The pain clinic aims to bring effective pain management to those who need it. Across the UK, many patients feel that their pain is not given the attention it deserves. At York Pain Management, your pain is the priority. If you suffer from chronic pain, then read on to learn how York Pain Management can help you.

About York Pain Management

York Pain Management believes that treating pain is a complex undertaking. To properly handle issues of pain, emotional, psychological and physical components must all be addressed. The ethos of the clinic is to look at the whole picture and treating every patient as the individual they are.


Appointment can be carried out over the phone or video call if needed. In-person appointments are available in York NHS Foundation trust hospitals as well as Harrogate Harlow private healthcare service, Ramsay Clifton Park Hospital and Nuffield Health York Hospital. Appointments can be flexible to your needs. So if you have any concerns, call and speak to someone to see how your needs can be met.


The clinic is open to both privately paying and insured patients. Most major health insurers recognise the clinic. There are fees to cover the initial consultation, any interventions that are identified, and follow up appointments if needed. If your condition requires repeated treatments, then the clinic will offer you a significant discount. The best thing to do is to ring and discuss what the fees will be as they will vary based on your condition. The clinic will do their best to give you an accurate idea of the total cost before you begin.

Making An Appointment With York Pain Management

If you need help dealing with pain, then you should make an appointment. Chronic pain can slowly erode your quality of life. Everyone deserves help. You can make an appointment for a phone or video conference or at one of the clinics once they reopen. Do something about your pain today.